Leave Tiger Alone!

Why can’t we leave Tiger alone. This country is so uptight about marital affairs. If I was wifey, I would be more humiliated from all the apologizing and all the “graceful wife” bullshit than from the actual affairs.

On his website he writes, “Elin has always done more to support our family and shown more grace than anyone could possibly expect.”

Tiger strikes me as an upstanding citizen that would never bend his wife over or pull her hair. This isn’t because he’s not into bending women over and pulling their hair. He is. We all are. He wouldn’t do this to graceful wifey because she’s his wife. His Madonna. He/she or both have elevated wifey to levels of untouchable prestige.

Men like the Tiger, (power, money, fame, good looks) have a “Madonna” and a “whore” in there life. In some rare cases they can be the same woman. But most men can’t treat their “Madonna” like they treat their “whore”. They’re socialized that a whore can’t be a Madonna and a Madonna can’t be a whore.

My suggestion to wifey, tell the Tiger to fuck you like the whore you are. It might help. He can spoon you afterwards.

Do you think Elin should treat the Tiger like a whore. Maybe I have the dynamics all wrong. Is it the Tiger that wants to be bent over?

Let’s agree, that whatever should happen, we should LEAVE TIGER ALONE!

In memory, I present “Leave Brittany Alone!”



One thought on “Leave Tiger Alone!

  1. Agreed. Not only should we leave him alone, but we should stop all the news coverage b/c a certain lady in Dallas doesn’t really care who tiger is banging and not banging.

    Excellent work, Sweet!

    And kudos on the other blog shout-out!!!!!!

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