Today we are mature

Today, I have paid my renter’s insurance (before it was cancelled) and researched leg circulation issues.

The first is boring

But here are the things I’ve learned about leg circulation.

  • We have large muscles in our legs
  • They require blood
  • Its hard to pump blood back up your legs to your heart
  • We don’t have little pumps in our feet to pump blood back up
  • We have to tone our blood vessles (jazzercise) 
  • Sitting can kill you

Ways to prevent circulation problems

  • you can wear graduated compression hosiery
  • you can keep moving-don’t be immobile (my but is currently sore from sitting so long)
  • You can exercise 

Causes include

  • Diabetes 
  • fatness
  • poorly planned sluttiness (pregnancy)
  • long periods of sitting and stuff
  • standing or sitting in general

There’s a supplement that can help and I’ve ordered it. I guess I’ll also start moving around more during the day.

This supplement, from Andrew Lessman, has been used in Europe for like 40 years.

Video of Andrew Lessman, talking about his supplement:


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