Cast of Characters

Below is a smattering of the characters in my life and on my blog.



Ms. Murph: A lady’s lady.  We enjoying smashing our breast together, drinking alcohol, eating wieners and making others uncomfortable during all of this. Why, because we do all of this at the same time.  Penners puts the twinkle in Ms. Murph’s step and the poop on the sidewalk.  She’s not afraid of a little dirty talk, but she is afraid of cuddling. So, when you see her know that it’s her cattitude you’re seeing beneath that busty facade.




Mr. D: Tall, handsome man of a man.  and he’s all mine.  He likes me just the way I am. He kills bugs with his bare hands and smashed dangerous trees to bits with a sledgehammer. You’ll find him at a Sonic with a route 44 drink and wearing this t-shirt…




Ms. K: carries a large purse at all times, has beautiful hair, is friendly to all and all are friendly back.  Beware her friendliness is a double edge sword.  You have to take the good with the bad. You’ll find her with a rose from the “suitor of the day” and wearing this t-shirt… it reads “It isn’t easy being a princess!”  And, her tan is glowing.






Ms. A: the funniest person I know.  She’s fiery, saucy and sarcastic every chance she gets.  She enjoys a good blog (who doesn’t) and fancies her little pup George Michael. While some suspect she wears a “piece”, not to worry, this little lady is all natural. You’ll catch her with a diet Dr Pepper, wearing this “touch of class” kitty shirt, her Louboutin pumps, and nothing else.


bustedMs. Al: chic and stylish this maven of natural blonde hair shares my delight in cat videos. She hipped us all to the world of cat t-shirts. She’ll cut a lock of her hair for you, but not until she finishes “Lord of the Rings.”  She can drink and she can dance.  If you’re lucky she do both simultaneously. You’ll find her tightening her calculator watch and wearing the tank version of the “Oops, Busted!” T.



Mum: not in the mood 


Dad: still not in the mood


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