That word is creepy.

I love these bags…

paper plane wash bag

Precious. Fuck you.


Don’t talk to me in the mornings. No wait. Comeback.

I wish I worked with the woman/gay that brings this mug to work.

Let The Stress Begin Mug

Potpourri is the treasure chest where you’ll find this for purchase. Only $9.95. But, I have bad news teddy bear. This item is currently out of stock.

Hugs and pogo sticks my poodles,


Kind of a big deal

I had a snow day today and just received the e-mail that tomorrow is also a snow day.  No work for two days! This unexpected news can be attributed to a Christmas miracle. Or the blizzard that’s passing through these parts. Either way, I’m totes excited.





Another plus to my day, I was able to get caught up on “Be Good Johnny Weir” 

A blog that recaps the show,

Oh Johnny! You give good face.