New beginnings

I’ve got clean underwear for the week (maybe longer, fingers crossed) and I’ve shaved my legs. I’d gone about a month without shaving and about a week wearing no underwear, just FYI.

Why, just lazy. And when you have to wear three pairs of stockings to keep warms, there’s just no room for a pair of underwear or slick legs.

Oh, and I’ve sort of worked out while I caught up on Revenge and Scandal. So that’s huge.

I don’t know what this could mean, but it feels like a new beginning. Maybe I’m starting some new habits. Maybe I’ll always have clean underwear from this day forth.

Maybe this should be my resolution for the year. I proclaim: I will have clean underwear available to me every day of the year.


Lifetime Moving Shaming


Best Laid Plans-Lifetime Movie

I’m being shamed by my friends because I haven’t seen enough Lifetime Movies. It’s fair. I only recently stoked my love affair with LM. I suppose, previously, I had better things to do. Now I don’t. 

Anyways, back to the shaming…

This started when I asked, which of them was planning a wonderful night in on Sunday to watch Prosecuting Casey Anthony. This inquiry spiraled into a retelling of their favorite movies leading to quiz time. 

So I leave you with this:

Baby Donkeys

While searching for an image of cotton candy, I stumbled across this baby donkey named Cotton Candy.

I was taken aback and my jaw dropped when I saw Cotton.  I never knew a baby donkey was so cute. For when you feel like sending me a gift, please make it a baby donkey.

Black or white, cream or grey.  It doesn’t matter to me. I’m colorblind.  Just buy me a mini donkey and I’ll love you forever. Cotton Candy (left) and Fifi (right) here, are from Flight of Fancy.

As I watch my dog,Charlie, play with a pile of towels, that’s really my cat, Trinity, attacking from underneath, I’m struck my how much Charlie looks like a donkey.  That’s more appropriate than the usual case of mistaken identity (“is he a wolf?”).

What do you think?

India is on the left, she’s the baby donkey. Charlie is the one on the right. He’s quietly guarding that amazing stick.

For Breakfast

This morning, I called in an order for creamed chipped beef.  My country-fried dad would make a similar recipe, which he called SOS (shit on a shingle).  Class act.  This is one of those disgusting dishes that you dream about.

The creamed chipped beef (CCB) comes with a waffle and potatoes.  So that’s toast, covered in cream gravy, with a little bit of beef sprinkled in, potatoes on the side and a waffle. It’s carb-erific.