I need a fake head…to carry with me on the bus, of course

I’m always looking for new ways to creep people out while on the bus.  I usually can’t even compete with the true weirdos that join me on my way to work, but I try.  Today, I found a new way to creep.

It started like any other morning bus ride.  I stepped on to a mildly busy bus and took the first empty seat (I, of course, like to spread out).  I sat behind this cool kid who rides the morning bus with me. He had on guy liner, a black hoodie and a black and white checked scarf.  Here’s what I know about him: he wears mostly black, he’s not gay (but “gets that all the time”), he paints his fingernails, he works part time, and goes to beauty school full-time.

The ride was uneventful.  But when this dude stood up to walk out I saw a little head peaking out of his dancewear duffle bag. It had blonde hair and made me want to start carry one with me. Because dude is in beauty school, it was obviioulsy one of those training heads. I see these things at the thrift stores every once-in-a-while.

I don’t know why he had it hidden in his bag. That sort of thing will certainly keep strangers away. Well, now that I think about it, maybe its better to keep your heads in your duffel bag.

p.s. I finally dropped my e-diets. What a waste of money. If I ever spend money on a diet product again, it will be on fat camp.  I would love to go to fat camp- it would have to be intense and last at least three months.

My day in pictures…




On the bus, Prison escapees

I swear four prison escapees got on my bus today.  They had a big trash bag of cloths they were changing into as they waited for the bus.  They threw the bag away at the rail station and hopped the bus.  They were impatient with the bus driver, asking all kinds of questions about cameras and police.  Then they started to unload their pocket’s contents on the unsuspecting passengers.

Before and after of the prisoners are below…






Everything in their pockets was crap.  The only interesting thing they had to offer was papers.  Just as they were about to depart, one yelled out, “Does anyone need any papers? Anyone?”

The bus driver took the papers. Peace out.

For when you read the bible or ride the bus.
For when you read the bible or ride the bus.