Todd Oldham is Ferosh!!!

toddoldhamI have a crush on the ferocious Todd Oldham.  If I were to need invitations, I’d call him.  If I needed a fresh flowers, I’d call him.  He’s amazing. I love his textiles and graphics.  I love them!  I love him. His website is groovy, too.

And my next craft project is going to be a photo shoot inspired by Mr. Oldham.  Because, btw, I’m a lookbook member, now.  That’s right hookers.

On my fantasy friend list (haven’t officially started one) I would add Todd. And probably Cindy Crawford.  Well, maybe not.  Remember the MTV show with the two of them…his segment was called (I think) Todd Time.  the show was MTV House of Style. The video below is Cindy butching it up and promoting House of Style.  It’s only 30 seconds, watch it.

Another video, this time with Todd and the incomparable Amy Sedaris.  Amy would definitely be in my fantasy friend group. I fucking love her and Bravo or maybe it should be HBO, needs to give this funny, creative hooker her own craft and fun show. In the meantime, enjoy this video of the two of them decoupaging a table.  First they make the table, yikes.  Notice that sweet little Amy is wearing a tool belt.  She’s a kook! 

There’s a photo of Amy on Todd’s website under the photo section…jump to it– and it reminds me of my friend Ms. A (her blog).  Ms. A, I think this could be a glamour shot set, it would incorporate George Michael (her dog).

Todd has other videos, just search for Todd Oldham Hand Made Modern. Also, I’m checking his book out from the library, it’s called…wait for it…wait for it…wait a little longer…Hand Made Modern by Todd Oldham. 


Cindy Crawford and Queer Abs

I was searching for a new workout DVD on and here’s what I learned.

  • Cindy Crawford’s workout video from 1993 is their number 1 reviewer rated DVD.  I remember doing this shit, working out with Cindy, in 8th grade.  This was before I started smoking weed morning, noon, and night (yes, even during school) and filling my free time with collages and coloring velvet posters for my friends.  I hadn’t really thought about how quickly I went from one extreme to another… healthy, beauty mag-obsessed, athletic, pretty girl that woke up early to take walks with her mom and friends to a stoned, musician biography reading, lazy, hippy chick that shoplifted all her cloths, avoided her parents for days, and often forgot who’s house she was at. But, back to the Amazon workout DVD discussion


  • You can buy DVDs- highly rated I must add- titled: Queer Abs and Hot Nude Yoga: Virgins. I think I would benefit from the Queer Abs, but the Hot Nude Yoga would be way too distracting.


Enjoy my little cherios.