I may be living with a wild animal

I saw a show about wolf-dog hybrids.  And now I worried that my dog may have a little wolf in him.  The show pointed out that all dogs are decedents of wolves and their DNA is so similar you cannot use DNA to distinguish dog from wolf.  So, I decided to make a list, a pros and cons sort of list, that will compare his wolf traits to his non-wolf traits.  My findings are non-scientific and pretty much prove that Charlie is not a wolf.  Nor is he a wolf dog. He may not even be a dog.

Wolf trait

Non-wolf trait

Digging- wolves apparently are instinctively driven to dig their dens, Charlie digs, but only outside.  Wolves will dig outside and inside and he’s never done any digging inside. Regular dog teeth- wolf hybrids have really sharp teeth that would cut your skin without much effort. Wolf canines are 2¼” long.  Charlie’s are regular size.
Thick coat around his neck and shoulders. No denying he’s got a bushy mane. Curly/crooked tail- wolves have straight tails and Charlie’s is clearly curled.
Has the “eyeliner” look. – While this look is widely popular in Paris, it’s also a wolf trait. I thought at first he was experimenting with make-up, but no.  His eyeliner look is natural and also found on wolves. Barks- Charlie barks at squirrels and other dogs, Wolves do not bark, they growl and howl.  He doesn’t do either. I’ve tried to teach him to howl, but no success.
  Obedient- Wolf dogs are not obedient and difficult to train. Charlie has a slew of tricks in his bag and is (all-in-all) obedient.  He minds better than any other dog I know.
  Weighs 75lbs- hybrids tend to weigh around 120lbs, but they can weigh as little as 70 lbs.
  Straight canines- wolves have slightly curved canines
  Huge ears- wolves tend to have furry smaller ears, in comparison to their heads.  His large ears are also hairless on the inside.
  His feet face forward- wolves feet turn out.
  Who cares…

 Now for the pics…




My dog isn’t photogenic, maybe it’s his bone structure

Charlie Sneezing

Charlie Sneezing

I wanted to snap a few pics of my dog Charlie (Chuck if you know him well), and it wasn’t a complete disaster. But, I did realize he just isn’t photogenic.  I think Chuck is cute as a buttin, a 75 pound button.  I wanted to capture this cuteness on camera, so we headed outside to play and have a photo shoot.  

It started well enough, a couple quick shots of him running and playing with his basketball.  But, all of these shots were action and I was looking for something more contemplative.  You wouldn’t know it looking at him, but he does a lot of thinking.  Mostly of squirrels and birds, but also a little about life and our purpose on this planet.

The pic above was my attempt to capture one of his contemplative moments.  But, these moments last so briefly- he’s a quick thinker- by the time the shutter snapped, he had moved on to sneezing.   Immediately after the sneeze he took off after a butterfly.  I didn’t capture that moment either.  What I mostly captured was his ass (as his played with his basketball), and him running (which is blurry and only amplifies his wolf-like appearance). 

I dressed him in a neckerchief to soften his look.  I don’t think it helped. We did have a lot of fun, he really enjoys chasing sticks, throwing rocks into the air, tracking squirrels in the trees’ canopies, and playing with his basketball.  He’s a good dog. I love him most when he’s being a dog.  He’s stays when I ask, he lays down when I ask. One of my most favorite things about Chuck is how he picks up things I drop and gentle hands them over.

Enjoy this mediocre montage of Charlie Manners (his full/professional name, should any agents want to contact us).

Peace out hookers,

p.s. as I’m trying to finish this post, he’s bringing me things from the coffee table.  He’s bored and he needs a job.  E-mail me if you know anyone looking for a dog/wolf look-a-like.  He sweet and gets along well with old people, children, and cats.  And we know these are the most difficult groups to get along with.

Charlie eating bamboo- in between basketball play

Charlie eating bamboo- in between basketball play

Charlie contemplating a stick

Charlie contemplating a stick