What a relief. It’s JD!

This is on Dlisted.

Yoohoo Johnny. It’s me. (then a wink)

And in this young man’s pocket would be the following map:


Ru is back

Last night’s “Lip Synch forYour Life” was amazing.  I only thought I knew how to dance-off.  These dolls have it going on.

You can watch the entire episode on Log’s website, but for now jump ahead to minute mark 39:20.


p.s. don’t forget that “The Sarah Silverman Program” return this Thursday.

Is anybody else watching this?


I am and I’d like to know who to discuss this show with.  I’m sure my sister is catching every episode.  I think I’ve missed a few, so that will be a weekend project for me.  The skinny on this show…It’s a Top Model for drag queens.  And, appropriately, RuPaul is the host.


Some of my favorites are Bebe Zahara Benet (with the top hat) and Ongina (with the orange traffic cone).  Last week they battled for their life, the two of them were up for elimination.  They had to lip sync for their life, and they did.  Their song was “Stronger” by Brit Brit and Bebe sang and danced her weave off, literally.  Ongina was told to sashe off the stage.  Translation, she lost.