FAT COW alert…she’s back

fat_cowYesterday, my inner fat cow became my outer fat cow. It started like any other day.  Lunchtime rolled around and I consulted with Ms. K on our lunch plans.  We wisely chose the PBJ option. 

We made the PBJs, we ate the PBJs, and then we sat. 

Unsatisfied, as expected.

A few moments later we (Ms. K, Ms. Al and I) decided that a run to Taco Bell was in order and realistic within our time constraints (45 mins).  We rushed to the closest TB and ate — inhaled — enormous portions of shit.

The only good thing to report is that the double stuffed grilled steak burrito is disgusting.  It’s also expensive by TB standards.  And it’s huge.


I hope for a better day today…one day at a time.

One portion of food, total cost

One portion of food, total cost $4.98.

Oh, I forgot the best part.  Because the power went out last night, and because I can’t sleep when it’s quiet, because I’m nosey and wanted to see what was happening in the neighborhood and because I’m a FAT COW… I got out last night and went to Waffle House. 
Gross, I wish I was bulimic.
What I should have done last night. and tonight. and tomorrow.

What I should have done last night. and tonight. and tomorrow. an the day after that, and after that, and after that...




This morning I gorged on 2 dozen donut holes. 

What was I thinking!!!  2 dozen, that’s 24 little round nibbles. Why?  because I have a few minutes to kill while waiting on the bus. I stuffed these bite size bits of fatty sugar into my mouth one-by-one. I washed them down with Mountain Dew. 

If Richard Simmons was around he would have shrieked and probably stabbed himself. I have felt terrible all day, about eating 2 dozen donut holes. Not physically bad, but emotionally and mentally bad.  I felt like shit while I was eating them, too.  Every time I popped one in my mouth I thought people on the bus were judging me.  Thinking to themselves, “how does she continue to shove those down her throat.”  People where no doubt asking, “is that a never-ending bag of donut holes?” and “Where does one buy something so wonderful?”

Then I started to think about the caloric impact on my bodacious bod.  Check it, here’s the math…

  24 donut holes
x52 calories, per hole
1,248 calories  (add my Mountain Dew, the total is 1,398)

1,398!!! that’s my total daily calorie allowance.  I’m a fat cow! 

Sweet on Nov 11, 2008

Sweet on Nov 11, 2008

 I need Richard to sweat into the oldies with me.  Have you ever watched these videos?  After the workout the whole gang dances through a Soul Train line. When they reach the end of the line and they’re standing in front of the camera they give a cheesy smile or a head bob and we see how much weight they lost.  It’s usually 50-200 pounds.  Some people wear  legwarmers or a fun sweat band and some people have on regular clothes.  You know, because regular people loose weight.  Lucky for you all I found a video on You Tube of this fun dance off!!!  It’s wonderful!