For Breakfast

This morning, I called in an order for creamed chipped beef.  My country-fried dad would make a similar recipe, which he called SOS (shit on a shingle).  Class act.  This is one of those disgusting dishes that you dream about.

The creamed chipped beef (CCB) comes with a waffle and potatoes.  So that’s toast, covered in cream gravy, with a little bit of beef sprinkled in, potatoes on the side and a waffle. It’s carb-erific.


A Few of our favorite things

All in one show.

Jane Lynch

Paul Rudd (producer + guest spots)

Fred Savage, yes from Wonder Years (director)

Megan Mullally

Maybe Rob Thomas (producer)

We’re in replays now with the Season 2 starting in April.

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Journal Time

I’ve noticed that most of my journal entries are more like lists rather than narratives.  Blame it on the booze, the drugs, the milk and cookies, or the genes, it is was it is.  Here are a few such entries for your judgment and ridicule, which usually involves laughter and euphoric feelings.

Music stuff, don’t forget

“In My Secret Life”
Not sure of artist, from L Word

Dolly Parton, “I will Always Love”

Fresh Air Podcast


Jesse Marshon from Montreal writes under name JBM. “Cleo’s sung.” Album Not Even in July.

Bishop Allen “The Ancient Common Sense of Things.”

Ginsberg “Melody” album is history of Melody Nelson. He’s a perv and there is some video of him on YouTube. Song is French

Ace of Base, “I Saw the Sign”


Words to Know

Caduceus (a cardboard caduceus from Germany)   —Side note: This sentence doesn’t help me at all.  Why didn’t I write the definition?  For the record, I do not know this word.


Stunning        —Side note: Word like this, words that are commonly circulated, I like to look these up in different dictionaries. It can often be stunning what history and influence they can be hiding.





Foot worship party.

Riding Boots.

Need new bras; nude and black.

Never cared for lingerie. Prefer naked.

Dan Savage.

Need smart satchel or hobo, leather and kiss clasp would be best.

Rain hat.

Rain boots.

I feel that if I wore a burka people wouldn’t ask me to make copies for them.

“Gum in My Hair”, title for my book.

40-year-old fags.   — Side note: If you’re offended by my usage of “fag” get over it. Our favorite sex advice columnist and all around good guy, Dan Savage, endorses the casual use of fag.  Similar to how ladies will refer to themselves as sluts or cunts and African-Americans use…yeah, nope, I can’t do this one, but y’all know what I mean.

Boy George, yummy. More about the novel that inspired the play.

It has happened. I’m back to tacos and kittens.

And that’s not a vague or lame expression elevating a hand job into a poetic  slang substitution.

What this means, is that I’m back to killing time with kitty videos and junk food. I plan to only stay in this depressing, unhealthy, grotesque, embarrassing, fulfilling, stirring, thrilling, stimulating stack of a perfect pair.  Think peanut butter and chocolate, think the smell of bleach in a bathroom, cheese and grits (;-) to Ms. A), biscuits and gravy, scissors and glue…classic duos that dare not separate. 

Mr. D is out getting some tacos and fries (another grand pair) from Jack in the Box!!!!  Fuck yeah!  God and Jesus, I love those little paper bags.  Paper bags are the perfect wrapping for fast food. It’s seriously perfect.  All this dirty food talk, makes my world go ’round.





While satisfying the first half of this high, I’ll watch this video My favorite line is “The agony of a kitten that’s lost its whiskers.”

Yummy. Tacos and Kittens, but never kitten tacos.

Don’t be Jealous of My Boogie

This is what I’m listening to and watching today.  DWI (deal with it)


I’m totally into RuPaul and the drag world. I’m thinking I need to infiltrate this world, get in, get dirty, and become these hookers bitch. Think of all the things I’ll learn.

I’ve already started to pick up the lingo. You know, like “That slut is giving me shade.” and “This sno-cone makes my world go ’round.”

Oh, rainbows and unicorns.

These Queens make my world go ’round. Maybe this is how me and dad will connect. If fact, I think I’m going to plan a weekend around a drag show. He needs a Queen mentor, he’s flailing in the proverbial straight wind. He’s left to his own demise.  He has no help, no make-up tips, no witty one-liners. He needs some guidance.

Get ready to be jealous of my boogie.


Me against the world


Today I’m bitter.  Yesterday I was bitter.

I don’t know why, but I am.  Okay, I do know why.  But I don’t know why I’ve chosen to focus on all these things today. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s  because I’m hungry, maybe it’s because my bi-polar is rearing it’s head again. Either way this is what the professionals call my depressive state.  It will likely clear up (like my adult pimples) in a few days.  Or if I need to clear it up sooner (like my adult pimples) I can use medication. The problem for those around me is that I like my ups and downs.  I like to stay there and revel (or wallow as my mom says) in my missery/anger/bitterness and visa versa my joy/content/gitty.  I’ll even medicate to stay in these place longer. 

So this time, I’m bitter. Like I said, nothing particular happened to put me in a bitter mind set.  But, for me, it doesn’t take something particular or recent to trigger my mood change. In fact, it’s sometimes as simple as a song, a smell, a conversation or worse, nothing at all.  I’m bitter. 

This is a comfortable place for me.  Anger on the other hand is not.  But bitter, lonely, happy, silly, spontaneous, these are all my favorites.  I’ve probably been bitter since I was about seven.  Yes, seven years old. This puts me in 1st grade and that’s when I started misbehaven.  I spent a lot of time in the principle’s office getting “paddled” for my indescretions.  Which, at seven included throwing rocks, pushing people, spitting, running away from my teachers and talking back.  A lot has changed since seven. I don’t throw rocks at people, push people or spit.  I still run away from teachers and other authority figures and I can’t help but talk back. 

Back to my friend, “Bitter”.  My first bitter feelings were towards myself, then my parents, then God, and then the principle of my elementary school…I could go on, but I want to talk about my current bitterness. Today I’m bitter towards my job, my fatness, my family, the family I don’t have…But like I said, I like to revel in my bitter.

To suspend these feeling and maintain my state of mind, I listen to bitter jams while indulging in…let’s call them vitamins.  Some of my fav jams:

“Me Myself I”   Joan Armatrading

“What I Got”   Sublime

“Private Dancer”    Tina Turner

“Wake up Alone”   Amy Winehouse

“Those Three Days”    by Lucinda Williams– if you want to listen, I found a video.  It starts out with a huge weirdo reciting a poem, but hang in there, after about 20 seconds the song begins. 

Crimson and Clover by Tommy James and The Shondrells

“Beast of Burden” The Rolling Stones

And a smattering of sounds from Soundgarden, Bush, some Oasis and some Counting Crows.

p.s. for my gals in honor of our game “How would it be”, Earthworm would have this song playing in the background.  He would be hind you, with his arm around your waist and he would whisper the “yes” that follows “is it alright”  No surprise I found this sound on the soundtrack of The L Word.  You’ll love the cheesey slide show.  That might be playing on a large wall during dinner.  The song is “Alright” by Kinnie Star.