Embarrassing. But efficient.

New title for the running list of potential titles of my memoirs/musical.


What We Learned Today*

1) FIFA was celebrating Anti-discrimination Day.  Why so serious at a soccer game?  What happened to Crazy Sock Day or Opposite Day or  Rodeo Day?

2)  The Oxford “-er” is good and bad,  but mostly good.

The Good Ones
Britters and Timbers
(Brit-Brit and JT)
Tucker (tranny)
Eccer (exercise)

The Bad Ones
Champers (for champagne)

3)   A baby gremlin is a widget. A gremlin is probably a goblin.  This is probably a widget.

4)   Never pose in this position for any camera. Not matter how good of friends I am with the photographer. Britters, what happened?  Now that I’ve seen this, I’ll probably strike this pose tonight.  Or maybe save it for my Missouri adventure.  I think it could be quite popular at a VFW.

*The story of this post:  After many drinks with a friend I stumbled into bed. With my live-in lover away for 10 days, I had only Charlie (my handsome devil of a dog) to talk to.  I started talking and began my musing to Charlie with the phrase, what did we learn today.  He listened and took notes, which I translated above.

Why do I still like NKOTB?

I would even drop my panties (if I wore them) at the site of Jordon. Neither he nor I would enjoy the sex, but we would do it out duty. We would have more fun playing with his hair.  He’s the one in the tight, black v-neck with the dark-wash hip-huggers and the studded the belt.

If you're wondering, that is BSB on the same stage with NKOTB. the video--> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_ekCHKV1E8

A close-up for you and me.

Jordan? What are you doing with those feet?

I may be jumping to conclusions but are those two-toned calf high boots with your jeans tucked in?

I chose to focus on the nostalgia but there is more to this video other than Jordan. There’s a costume change that involves a blazer. Jonathan is incredibly uncomfortable in front of a home video camera; he keeps running off stage. The dance moves are lame and the icing on this fairy-cake is the group bear-hug at the end.