I’m eating toothpaste now. But, for good reason.

I’m going to try a new diet technique that involves toothpaste.  I usually make a deliberate effort to spit out my toothpaste when I brush.  This is because it makes me nauseous. Well, it’s taken me all these years to realize this is exactly what I need. 

Toothpaste, I love you.


From here on out, I will swallow my toothpaste.  This genius idea (remember, I’m a complete genius wasting my time on this blog and in my routine existence) spawned further contemplation on the many uses of toothpaste.  Growing up my mom used toothpaste as a household fix-it-all.  We filled in holes in the wall, she would mix it will baking soda and clean everything in the bathroom with it, and she preferred to wash her veggies in a toothpaste mixture. 

If you want more ideas on toothpaste…here’s someonelses list… http://www.wisebread.com/two-dozen-uses-for-toothpaste-aside-from-cleaning-your-teeth


Let my love open the door

One Saturday morning I had a brilliant idea to add some pizazz to my pad.  Here’s how it unfolded.

The walls are white and I was in the mood to paint.  I didn’t have enough paint on hand to paint an entire wall but I did have enough for a stencil craft.  Before I pulled the paint out, I laid out my plan and brainstormed phrases.

Here’s what I wrote on that depressing day.


Don’t worry I was distracted and had to table this project for a while.  When I came back and read this note, I rolled my eyes.  What the hell was I thinking.