E-mail from my dad!

When my dad writes me love notes he usually steals from his favorite songs.  Every birthday card, every Christmas card, even phone calls, he’ll pull a stanza or two from a song.

His favorite act to pull from is Barry Manilow.  His second is John Denver.  Third is Elton.  I would totally reverse the order, for myself.  But, then I’ve heard enough Barry to last me a few more years.  I would probably swap out Barry with Queen. 

Sometimes its a bit cryptic and I have to work to try and figure out who he’s sampling from. Once, for my birthday (probably 20th or so) he wrote in my b-day card…

We dreamers have our ways
Of facing rainy days
And somehow we survive
We keep the feelings warm

These lyrics are from Barry’s hit, “I made it through the rain” Out of all the many options he could have chosen from this song he chose the above stanza.  The most obvious option would have been the chorus lyrics,

I made it through the rain
I kept my world protected
I made it through the rain
I kept my point of view
I made it through the rain

But no, dad chose the opening stanza.  It makes sense to those who know him.  He’s always thought of himself as a dreamer.  But the last line about keeping our feelings warm…whatevs.

I can’t figure out where he pulled today’s note from.   He wrote,

Yell at the top of your voice from the most highest, I Love You.  If you have time to day think of me.                              Love you most    Dad

Maybe this is an original. Probably not.  Peace out hookers,


Here are two pics of Barry…the first is how I like to remember him, young and pre-surgery.  The second is, I hope, a pic of him smoking a joint.





On the bus, Prison escapees

I swear four prison escapees got on my bus today.  They had a big trash bag of cloths they were changing into as they waited for the bus.  They threw the bag away at the rail station and hopped the bus.  They were impatient with the bus driver, asking all kinds of questions about cameras and police.  Then they started to unload their pocket’s contents on the unsuspecting passengers.

Before and after of the prisoners are below…






Everything in their pockets was crap.  The only interesting thing they had to offer was papers.  Just as they were about to depart, one yelled out, “Does anyone need any papers? Anyone?”

The bus driver took the papers. Peace out.

For when you read the bible or ride the bus.
For when you read the bible or ride the bus.