All Grown up and no place to go

I watched the fabulous film Happy Go Lucky this weekend and a recurring theme is growing up.  But its not a coming of age movie in the traditional sense.  The main character, Poppy, is 30.  And Poppy is just living her life and having fun, but not without troubles.  She’s thoughtful and happy through all those trouble.  I loved the film, but I’m not good at reviewing things I like and I feel like I’m not doing it justice.  All I can say is, I recommend this film as a must see.

Back to the growing up theme.  The film made me think about what sort of things make me feel grown up.  Here’s my list.

Things that make me feel grown up:

Hot tea.  I always think of hot tea as a beverage for old people and British people, or rather non-Americans.  Young Americans that drink hot tea are posers.  BTW, I drink hot tea, but I feel old, and sometimes British when I do.

Paying bills on time or before they are due. I feel so accomplished and responsible when I pay bills before they are due.

Going to the Doctor for preventive maintenance.

Paying for grooming, such as nails, eyebrows, facials.  This is the stuff I usually do myself, but when I pay someone to trim and buff me, I feel like a serious adult. 

Not driving under the influence.  And I’m leaving this broad by sticking with “under the influence.”  It could be any influence, mainly the narcotic variety.

Reading “smart” books that have words I’ve never heard, let alone read. But, I pretend to keep reading the books never quite knowing what I’m reading.

Doing my job and meeting deadlines without supervision. I googled “being responsible” and the School for Champions gives one example I can relate to: “When an adult worker constantly need someone to watch over him, or he will goof-off, not work at all or do the wrong thing, that worker is not considered capable of responsibility.”  I think I need to read more from the School for Champions.   But I’d rather goof-off.

Well, I’m sleepy and ready to head home.  I love you all.


Another e-mail from my mom

My mom sent me an e-mail titled 10 GREAT THINGS ABOUT BEING A WOMAN.  Below is the list. 

My favorite, is number 7.  A warning, this list is full of cheesy mom sayings. They love this shit.  Feel free to pas along to your mother or rewrite in your next Mother’s Day card.  (My replies are in purple.)

  1. Women stand up for their friends before they stand up for themselves. (okay.  but that doesn’t sound so great.)
  2. We’re deep and meaningful. (that’s subjective.  I think we’re meaningful, but I’m a woman.)
  3. We remember our dreams. (what?)
  4. We band together and change the world. (fair enough)
  5. We organize is kitchens, churches and schools. (why is this so great?)
  6. We know its okay to cry. (I’m scared, and crying)
  7. We can give birth to our best friends. (yikes, I laughed so hard when I read this.  I couldn’t tell my mom about it, she thought this list was so “poignant and inspiring”)
  8. We have been there, and done that, and have the t-shirts to prove it.  (holy shit, give me a break.  I can’t believe this.  I hope I don’t start liking this sort of thing when I’m over 50)
  9. We have role models every where. And we are role models for ourselves.
  10. Women and children always go first!  (the exclamation point was already there, I didn’t add it.)

I wanted to leave you with some weird/creepy mom and daughter portraits.  But, I had a hard time finding some really bad, glamour shot-esq type photos.  Most of them were really sweet and I don’t enjoy picking on sweet people. Well, maybe some other day, I’m in a pleasant mood today. I don’t even think I’ll drink when I go home tonight.  Enjoy hookers!



To bathe or to shower- this is what I wonder about

On my day off from work, I decided to go through my shit and prepare for a yard sale.  hen I cleaned my house a little. And finally, I took a bath. My friend Ms. A swears by her baths and it’s this loyalty that first prompted me to revisit the bath as a serious means of cleaning myself. Today’s bath was my second since I was five.  I took a bath last Sunday, which was my first since I was five.  I loved it.  I mean, I loved baths when I was five. I’d spend days in the bath, but I had toys to keep me company. I found out that a grownup bath is just as fun. But, there’s more reasons to bathe over shower.

While soaking in my steamy bath I decided the best way to describe why a bath is better than a shower is to reduce the argument down to one simple reason.  Cleanliness.  We use showers and baths to clean ourselves, so determining which is best, ask yourself, “Which method cleans you best?”  The answer is a bath.  Why?  Let me explain by comparing people to an intricate bundt pan.


Let us say that you have a dirty bundt pan (and if you do, it’s none of my business- it can happen to anyone). It comes time to clean your budnt pan.  Are you going to shower it with steaming water and scrub and scrub until every crevice is clean.  If you’re smart, you would draw a sinkfulof steamy water, add some soap and let that pan soak for a bit.  You’d come back to find the water and soap have done the work for you and done a better job.  And because it passively soaked, you could do something else while it cleaned itself and you don’t have to worry about scratching your bundt.

Seven reasons to chill out and soak in a bath:

  1. you’ll be clean everywhere, and cleaner everywhere
  2. bubbles are cool- always have been
  3. you can read while you soak
  4. your legs will be softer when you shave them in a bath of warm sudsy water
  5. you might use less water (depends on how quickly you shower)
  6. your skin will feel fab and smell great
  7. if someone walks in on you, you’ll look sexier in a bubble bath shaving you legs, than wobbling in a shower (it’s all about looking sexy)

If your concern with the bath vs. shower dilemma is water usage rather than cleanliness, then test yourself.  Take a shower, do all the things you would normally do (shave your legs, let your conditioner sit for 3 minutes, wash your face, etc…), but engage the plug in your tub.  If when you’re shower is complete the water is higher than a half way up the tub…you will likely save water with a bath.

I still shower to wash my hair, but that doesn’t take more than 3 minutes.

I love having days off during the work week. 

The next time you’re do for a cleaning, ask yourself, “how clean do I want my bundt?”

Peace out hookers!!!!

100 things…eventually page has been updated

You can all rest easy.  I’m well on my way to completing my 100 things list.  This mindless and (I admit) pointless list gets me through the days and weeks. I would like to thank my family, friends, and pets for their support during my list making process. Their disdain and lack of interest keeps me going.

While I haven’t made it 100 yet, I’ll keep going.  Just like many other goals in my days, failure has never discouraged me from achieving a goal.  Hard work and boredom usually thwart my best intentions.

100 things…eventually