the she version of Simon and Garfunkel

A friend and I wrote a song to pass the time and celebrate a victory.

Some may say we’re the modern she-version of Simon and Garfunkel. Others wonder why we haven’t been discovered.

sing to tune of Winter Wonderland….

     In the Meadow we can build a nation

     Red and Yellow Black and White and Tan

     They’ll say are you crazy he’s a black man

     Welcome to Obama-Biden land


I'm the tall one

I'm the tall one


Can this be happening? I hope so.

It’s looking hopeful.  I’ll be up late and hate myself tomorrow. 

No I won’t I’ll.  I’ll be pumped!

I’ve been watching all the cable news channels, but I always go back to MSNBC.  I have a crush on Chris Matthews.  He’s my brainiac boyfriend.  Talk smart to me Chris.  Here’s some pics I love off Mr. Matthews.  


He's looking at me- I always make him laugh. He always makes me think.




I’m going to go eat some rice crispies (I still have some Richard Simmons Deal-a-Meal cards available)


WHY? My favorite part of this pic -the bikini tan lines.

In Honor of today and all that is good…

Well, so I’m not so important

I went to my precinct this morning to vote and to save the day.  Being the precinct chair, I had grandiose ideas that I would be an integral part of today’s election for my precinct. That the crowds would be huge and the energy high and unpredictable.  That the election judge would be overwhelmed, old and clueless as to how to deal with the situation. 

Reality check…they had it under control.  They didn’t need me at all.  So I voted and left.  I gave the election judge my cell number and said to call me if they needed anything.  she probably threw it away as soon as I turned for the door.

After that…14 minutes after voting opened…I headed to my mom’s for a bathroom break and to kill time while morning rush hour passed.  Then I went for lunch with my handsome tall boyfriend. Now I sit here on my bed with all the windows open in my house and blogging.  It’s a beautiful day and I’m glad I took off.  If not to save my precinct from an old election judge, to catch up on laundry, spend time with my family, and watch trashy daytime TV.

I have high hopes that we will choose the right person to lead our country. Here comes the cheesy part so grab some tortilla chips.  I love this country.  I believe we’re the greatest country on Earth (we’re not the coolest, but we are the greatest). We’re unique in a way that others recognize, but we’ve lost sight of that trait. Our uniqueness has been diluted over the last decade.  We’ve gone from vibrant purple to bland taupe.  Like a girl with low self-esteem, we’re picking on others to redirect attention away from our own personal problems. Enough of that.

Back to Tyra- where we’ll help some young women deal with their unexpected pregnancies.  It’s the pregnancy intervention show.  Only in America!  Peace out and Hope be with you.