Why does this still happen?

Subject of an e-mail I received this morning:

“slap her silly with your huge schlong”

Do guys really want to slap us with their dicks?  Does this advertising work? It must. Scary.

The body of the e-mail, it’s even worse.  I have to say, it is catchy.

Women say: size matters

According to a recent psychology journal:

86% of babes claim they wouldn’t consider dating a ‘small’ male

94% of sluts say their boyfriend’s girth is critical to reaching pleasure

Why disappoint babes?  Boost your size and enjoy the confidence
to pick up sluts and make them moan between the sheets.

PotenCX is guaranteed to increase your tool by at least 2.7 inches in 21 days. 

I’ll send your initial bottle absolutely free-of-charge as a trial.

p.s. while I was searching for an appropriate pic, I came across a lot of penis pics.  Can we all agree that shaving the balls is not cute.  Who likes this?  I really don’t think girls, aka sluts, like shaved balls. Maybe guys like it, gay and straight, but guys need to shave according to their audience.  Dudes, no more razors near the balls. I’m also going to throw out a hypotheses: Men who shave their balls spend more time with porn than with face-to-face action.

Here’s the look I would give those shaved balls.


I also found these horrible renderings of lady parts.  What’s up with this pacman style pussy?


Can’t we all just stop with the incessant pubic hair removal. Don’t get me wrong, I did the “landing strip”, the “diamond”, the “butterfly”, the “half target”, the “devil’s beard.” It had its place, but enough.  Sure, it can be fun and something to do when you’re bored.  But as maintainance, it’s ridiculous. And, if you’re a porn star or stripper, you must shave. It’s part of your job. 

For the rest of us, let’s try a natural or trimmed pub region and see what happens. Will Jesus condemn us to hell? Perhaps.  Let’s get vintage. Let’s get crazy.


If love doesn’t last forever…what’s Prince doing now?

So word on the street is that Prince is a Jehovah witness.  I’m still digesting what this means to our relationship.  While I do that, enjoy some personal and private photos from our time together.

This was the first thing Prince gave me.  It's a pin- but Prince told me it would ward off ugly people.

This was the first thing Prince gave me. Prince told me it would ward off fugly people, and prettier boys. Prince is the only pretty boy allowed.


I got this volume in Prince's hair by using a jumbo round brush and

I got this volume in Prince's hair by using a jumbo round bush and upward motions. He would bend his head forward for a bit- but it was a position he is comfortable with.

He does this when he's hungry.

He does this when he's hungry.


Always showing off his lady-boy body. The lady (and the boys) just love

Always showing off his lady-boy body. The ladies (and the boys) just love this pose. It says. "I'm yours...no, wait I'm not."


my favorite of all.

my favorite of all. This is Prince playing dress up in my clothes, again. He's right, this jumpsuit does fit him better.