My pubs are out of control

For no particular reason, I’ve let my pubic hair grow out. And its off the charts, the pubic hair charts.

I’ve been sitting at work, trying to discern why I’ve let things get so out of control. I can’t come of with anything, other than lazyness. Some days I have to make a serious choice:

  • Shave my legs or my vag.
  • Workout or shave my vag.
  • Do laundry or shave my vag.

Just kidding!!! I don’t workout. 

I guess a small part of me was curious what that area would look like with full growth. I’ve shaved my vagine (pronounced the French way, va-gine, with a soft ‘g’ as in aubergine) since I was 14 and sexing it with my age-appropriate boyfriend. So this has been interesting but not revolutionary. It’s super hairy. That’s it.

A hairy vagine is a hairy vagine. Don’t worry, my boyfriend hasn’t complained or said anything. As it turns out, he likes post-puberty lady bits! Winning!!!

I, on the other hand, bring it up all the time.

  • My pub hair is stuck in my under-roos again!
  • My pub hair has hat-hair.
  • These pubs need conditioning.
  • My pubs are stuck in my zipper.

All of this has run its course. And, it would seem this summer of fullness has come to a close and I plan to spend the weekend grooming my private area. (before and after pics available, for a fee)

If you have process suggestions I’m open, but I plan on a one-two at-home punch. First, trim with a beard trimmer (my boyfriend’s). Second, shave down with razors (yes, this is a multi-razor event). Then, I’ll have a sleek vagine ready for a the punch.