TV makes me smarter

Nurse Jackie

I love this show.  You all probably know about this show, so I won’t bore you with the summary.  It’s wonderfully written, poignant, and timely. Last night’s episode left me with a line I have been tweaking and slipping into my daily vernacular.  A dying cancer-ridden nurse says, “I’m up to my tits in tragedy.  What do I care?”

I’ve changed it to: “I’m up to my tits in phone calls!” and “I’m up to my tits in e-mails!”  I haven’t been much more creative than this.

Eastbound and Down

It’s hard to describe this racy mix of curse words and stunning lyrical language.  I tried to find a clip of my favorite quote from this show, but no luck.  So allow me to set the scene offer some background.  Kenny (our protagonist) falls on his luck and is forced out of Major League baseball.  This fall from glory was sprinkled with cocaine and cuss words.  Not to worry, Kenny is a champion and determined to bounce back.  He returns to his home town in North Carolina to find a job so the IRS can garnish his wages.  He lives with his brother and his family when he lands a job as a substitute PE teacher at a middle school.  It’s here he is reunited with his high school sweet heart, April, which has totally moved on and now engaged.  That doesn’t stop Kenny, remember, he’s a champion.  Mayhem ensues, alcohol is consumed, blow is tooted and hearts are broken along the way.  Eventually Kenny convinces April to have sex with him.  The line that seals the deal, “Listen here you beautiful bitch.  I’m about to fuck your mind with some truth.” 

If you start watching the show, give it a few episodes.  It’s definitely raunchy humor, some may say low brow.  But it’s funny.


Dig It page updates– and the announcement of a Beauty and Style Section

I’m in the process of changing the format of my Dig It page.  Since I really dig TV programming, I’m going to add a “what I’m watching” section.  Often times I’m stopped on the street by fans of all makes and models, who beg me to share with them and the masses my TV preferences and watching schedule. Because I’m a blogger of the people, I’ll oblige.

Another section will be a beauty and style section.  Not only because I’m beautiful and stylish (everyone knows I am) but because I have a healthy addition to cosmetics and beauty products.  I say healthy because I know these won’t make me beautiful (remember, I’m already beautiful) or because I need these to feel good about myself (that’s why I self medicate) but because these are a fun and cheesy distraction.

Combining these two loves, watching TV while experimenting with cosmetics, is a typical “me time” activity.  I’ll also have the music blaring and bust some moves. If you wonder how someone can watch TV, listen to Music, play with make-up, and bust their moves all at the same time…than you don’t have ADD.  If that line-up of activities sounds like a Monday night, than you probably have ADD or you’re a teenager.

I’m going to put my lips on and get to work.  From your favorite blogger of the people and cosmetic connoisseur, Happy Veterans Day!

Another famous sister with costmetic addition

Another famous sister with costmetic addition- we're like BFFs.

Thank you for being a friend…

On my way in this morning, as I was curiously listening to a bus mate practice his Thai, I glanced over someone’s shoulder to read their newspaper and to my shock read:


Sophia was my favorite character on the Golden Girls.  She was the one to which I most related. Not in size or appearance, but in pessimism, sarcasm, and crassness.

Estelle suffered dementia and died at her home in Hollywood. Oh Ma. Rue Mclananahan had some lovely words to say about Estelle.  I feel the need to watch some Golden Girl episodes.  I’m going to check TBS’ schedule and ask my sister to Netflix something for me.