Power Moves for Meetings

The following moves will demonstrate how important you are. All of these moves come naturally to me, and with practice they will for you too.

Remember these moves are way more important than exercise or reading. So prioritize; its you’re future.



Pay the tab

Even if they reach for the tab, reach further. If they insist, just smile and shake your head. If they manage to beat you to it, have your office send them a reimbursement check.


Do not laugh at their jokes.

    • No matter what, do not laugh. Even if their joke is stupid and you want to laugh because you can’t believe someone would say something so stupid. We know they won’t say anything funny. You’re the only funny one at the meeting.


Ask for details, and interrupt them to do so

    • Whatever they’re discussing, interrupt them with words like:
      • How?
      • Show me?
      • Example? 


Ask them to describe something they should start doing, do more of, and do less of.

    • Maybe throw this in when they’re talking about everything they do and how amazing they are at so many things. You could say:
    • “Is there anything you should start doing less of?”


Question their branding choice and what it says about them.

    • Because we know these douche bags will have a branded themselves or their “business”…we know they watch E!.
    • While they’re describing it, you may laugh. 


Other questions to ask:

    • Men (and lesbians) are often intimidated when my blouses are on the verge of busting open. Does that sort of feminine power intimate you?
    • Are your parents siblings?
    • Do you mind turning off your phone? You’re ringtone reminds me of my prison days.
    • Do you think this is a game?
    • Would you like to arm wrestle? Or are you a thumb wrestler?
    • Can you do this? And demonstrate this move.