Best Little Whore House in Texas

This is one of the better scenes from the movie.  The entire movie is really just a chance for Dolly’s songs to be performed by Broadway dancers.  In this scene, the whores are clearing out their personals and moving out of the Chicken House (that’s the name of the whore house).  The whore house was shut down by some dickhead…anyways they are sing this lovely Dolly song, “Hard Candy Christmas.”

The best scene (and really these are the only two scenes worth watching, so you’re welcome) is when Dolly sings to Burt Reynolds, “I will Always Love you.”


Dig It page updates– and the announcement of a Beauty and Style Section

I’m in the process of changing the format of my Dig It page.  Since I really dig TV programming, I’m going to add a “what I’m watching” section.  Often times I’m stopped on the street by fans of all makes and models, who beg me to share with them and the masses my TV preferences and watching schedule. Because I’m a blogger of the people, I’ll oblige.

Another section will be a beauty and style section.  Not only because I’m beautiful and stylish (everyone knows I am) but because I have a healthy addition to cosmetics and beauty products.  I say healthy because I know these won’t make me beautiful (remember, I’m already beautiful) or because I need these to feel good about myself (that’s why I self medicate) but because these are a fun and cheesy distraction.

Combining these two loves, watching TV while experimenting with cosmetics, is a typical “me time” activity.  I’ll also have the music blaring and bust some moves. If you wonder how someone can watch TV, listen to Music, play with make-up, and bust their moves all at the same time…than you don’t have ADD.  If that line-up of activities sounds like a Monday night, than you probably have ADD or you’re a teenager.

I’m going to put my lips on and get to work.  From your favorite blogger of the people and cosmetic connoisseur, Happy Veterans Day!

Another famous sister with costmetic addition

Another famous sister with costmetic addition- we're like BFFs.