True Life: My Life as a Regular Person

I’m watching True Life on MTV- this episode is about peer pressure.  Some chick is being pressured by her skanky friends from Hooters to get boobie implants (what she really needs is proactive, I’d rather have smaller tits with no acne than big boobies and big pimples).  Some dude is “falling into the rock star life” with increased drinking, drugging and maybe sex (I couldn’t tell). and the other dude is just fat and his friends want him to loose weight.  I don’t understand the last guy, because his friends are just trying to get his tubby self to loose some weight if he wants a girl. 

Anyways, the point of this blog is the ordinary-ness of my life.  And I actually like these ordinary parts the best.  I like watching TV and sitting in my bed with Mr. D, my dog and my cat. I like listening to DMX and breaking out into my best dance moves with Mr. D feeling possessed to join in.  I love laying in bed completely dead to the world, and one song bringing me to life.  Today, the song was “It’s my Turn” by Diana Ross.

Mr. D is out getting donuts for us. After which I’ll probably go back to sleep for another few hours.  I also love watching funny cat videos.  I’m off to you tube to catch up on any new post, before my donuts get here. While on you tube, I’m going to check out the new Beyonce video.  I want her new dance moves from her “Single Ladies” Video Maybe they’ll be like a workout for me, the video kind of looks like a workout video.  She’s got some pretty sick moves hookers. And I need some sick moves to work off my donuts. 

I’ll leave you with a poll…

peace out hookers, Sweet


Cats are hilarious!

I had no idea how funny cats can be.  Here’s a smattering of funny videos I stumbled on today.

I love that most of these cat’s homes are stuck in the 80’s.  I don’t know how I missed out on all these videos, but I love them.  I can’t stop laughing when these cats go air-born after being spooked.  The spooked video are the best  (cat scared of bag) (cat spooked by pool) (long tribute to cats) (montage of many videos– totally worth the long length)

and of course… Ninja cat, because cats can be cool.

and for Ms. A  (grape lady falls and eats it)

For my boyfriend: This one is just people scared

and for me- a random video on sexual innuendo.

And my friend Ms. Al found a great t-shirt shop.  Check out the one that says “Lets go shopping” – with the cat holding the shopping bags.  Oh, and you have to scroll through for the the Nap Attack T…wait it’s too good I had to post now. Shit is wonderful.

Nap Attack

Nap Attack