What a relief. It’s JD!

This is on Dlisted.

Yoohoo Johnny. It’s me. (then a wink)

And in this young man’s pocket would be the following map:


The Good. The Bad. The Insults. Thanks Dad.

I’m having a G-sale before the move and my family is kindly donating their crap for my sale.  I love it!

My dad brought a bag of cloths for the sale, but also brought a special bag just for me. It was a bag of belts.

dad: I know how you like to wear belts and these don’t fit me anymore.  They’re too large. I think they’ll fit you.

me: Thanks dad.

Some of the belts were cool, but most were ridiculous.  Exactly what my dad would wear when venturing out as Lacy.




Bea, I love you.

If, in 50 years, some young person ask me where I was the day Bea Arthur died I would say, at GayBingo with my cross dressing dad.  It was kind of fitting.  As the news came in through text messages, the Queens honored Bea and lifted our spirits with song and dance. 

I was looking for things to commemorate the moment and found a Golden Girl necklace from etsy.com. Sad news hookers, the necklace sold out. 


Other GG paraphernalia include GG playing cards, GG lapel pins, and GG pendants. All at www.etsy.com.

Here’s a clip of our friend, doing a parody of Sex in the City.  She’s with other lovely ladies… Mona from Who’s The Boss, Sally Struthers and Mrs. Garrett.

Oh no she di’in.

I was going to blog about how I may see my dad in drag for the very first time.  It would happen in a few weeks and it will be the time and the place. 

Anyways, I was trying to find a pic that would be similar to what he would look like.  Instead, I found this spastic photo.


BTW, below is what I envision when I picture my dad in drag, well, it’s close enough. In this example, I would say, to dad, “What are you doing on the floor?”